In starting an online (or offline) business, the best thing you can do is to have a plan on how you’re going to get to where you want to go, which can be daunting.

How do you know what plan to follow or what strategies to implement?

There is a tool that lays out a proven plan for success for any business owner and entrepreneur…

It’s called Dotcom Secrets.

What is Dotcom Secrets?

Dotcom Secrets is a book full of massive value applicable to any business. It’s written by Russell Brunson with actionable steps and is the step-by-step plan to growing your company online.

Dotcom Secrets Book by Russell Brunson

You may not think this book is for you if you have an offline business, but this book is a must-read for ANY business owner, no matter what kind of business you have.

Tony Robbins said about Dotcom Secrets,

“A simple process that ANY company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversion and sales online.”

This book will help you understand how to take your business to the next level.

Get your free copy today.

What information is in the book?

Here are a few insights from Dotcom Secrets that will hopefully ignite a desire in you to read it…

There are 3 types of traffic (people who come into your world/your business). It’s important to understand these 3 types of traffic and how they are used to grow a business.


This is traffic you can tell where to go. For example, solo ads, Facebook ads, Google ads, banner ads, etc.

This traffic is important because it helps you achieve your business goals faster. You speed up the process of getting link clicks, sign ups, and clients by paying for ads.

This type of traffic is great to use, but can disappear quickly. Facebook, Google, etc. can shut down your ads for a variety of reasons.

It’s best to have multiple strategies in place in case this happens.


This is traffic you have no control over. It just shows up and you don’t know where it comes from or where it goes.

This traffic is also important because it helps you with your long term goals. Some examples of this type of traffic are YouTube, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), SEO, guest blog posts.

This traffic is much slower to acquire than traffic you control, but still has value as it creates more long term passive income if done correctly.

Take YouTube for instance…if you create a YouTube video, you only have to do it once and then it’s done, you don’t have to do any more to it. It becomes passive income as people click on it, watch it, click on your links, etc. over time.

The downside to this type of traffic is you don’t control who comes and goes, and you also don’t control the platform. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. could shut you down for any number of reasons.

Lesson to be learned? Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Use this type of traffic, but don’t base your entire business on it.


This type of traffic is all yours. It’s by far the best kind of traffic!

This is your email list or followers/readers and is great because you can send an email or make a post and you have instant traffic to read your message.

It’s important to turn the other traffic types (traffic you control and traffic you don’t control) into traffic you own.

This is where the money is at. This is where the security for your business is at. Having a list and a following is the most important asset for your business. There is no business without the people.

This is only a SMALL taste of what is in Dotcom Secrets. The book is full of so much more massive value.

It also covers the value ladder, the secret formula, follow-up funnels, scripts, and so much more.

How much does Dotcom Secrets cost?

The great news? This book is FREE.

It’s true. There’s only a small shipping fee and the book will be shipped right to your door.

You can also get the audio version of the book, and for $47 you get both the Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets audiobooks.

(Don’t know about Expert Secrets? Check out my blog post about it here.)

Also, when you choose the Black Box, you get both books (Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets) along with a bunch of different booklets packed with value to help you grow your business.

If you want to take your business to the next level, you need this book.

Read it and take action on the information and see your business explode.

Get your free copy today

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