Dream Car Profits is your solution.

Everyone has the hope of one day driving down the street in their dream car. I’m sure you’ve also wanted that. But how do you make that a reality? Dream Car Profits is your answer.

ClickFunnels has a Dream Car Contest for its affiliates. You win your Dream Car by getting at least 100 active ClickFunnels users signed up under your affiliate link. ClickFunnels will then pay you $500 per month toward your car. ClickFunnels will pay $1000 per month if you get at least 200 active ClickFunnels members under you.

Want to learn more about the Dream Car Contest? Check out my blog post where I go into more detail about it.

In this article, I will explain how Dream Car Profits is the answer to making this happen and how it can help you know exactly how to win your own dream car and create that much sought after passive income.

What is Dream Car Profits?

Dream Car Profits

Dream Car Profits is a course taught by a super affiliate and Dream Car winner where he shows you how you can win your own dream car. Jacob Caris, the course creator, is a leading affiliate in the affiliate marketing space and in his course, he shows how he got to 6 figures and won a dream car in the process.

The course goes over each step Jacob took to build his business and passive income. He states that if you follow his step by step plan, the same one he used to win the dream car, sooner or later you will reap the same rewards.

Not bad to get the inside scoop on the step by step action plan from a super affiliate.

If you implement the strategies Jacob teaches, this course could help you or any rising affiliate marketer get to the level you want with passive income and a dream car.

How Can Dream Car Profits Help Me?

Jacob explains in his welcome message in the course how these strategies have helped him and how they can help you. He says,

“The strategies revealed in this training have made me well over 6 figures & won me the ClickFunnels Dream Car. These strategies can be used by anyone just starting out in affiliate marketing looking to make an extra few hundred dollars per month, through to people serious about building a full time 6 figure super affiliate income online. Study them well. Take action. You’ll get results.”

Passive income is what most affiliate marketers are wanting. But that doesn’t come without putting in the work. Many who start out strong, walk away from affiliate marketing simply because the results don’t show up immediately.

The problem many beginning affiliate marketers usually have is they waste a ton of time and money trying to figure things out on their own. They try learning it all before taking action. All you need is the blueprint to success (Dream Car Profits) and to take action. It’s that simple.

But by taking action and implementing the strategies taught in Dream Car Profits, the results will come.

Is the course worth getting?

After reading so far, I think it’s clear the course is totally worth getting. Courses can be pretty expensive. However, Dream Car Profits is a reasonable low price anyone serious about affiliate marketing could afford. Jacob wanted it that way to help more people.

If you want the results, this course is worth getting.

Get Dream Car Profits today!

What Exactly Does Dream Car Profits Teach?

Dream Car Profits what you'll learn

So, what exactly is the curriculum of Dream Car Profits?

Jacob teaches the course through a series of videos that cover in detail each step to take action on. He focuses on both free and paid strategies you can implement for success.

Here’s a breakdown of some of what the course covers:

Blogging with a Twist

Jacob goes into how to do blogging with SEO in a unique way. Among other things in this module, he teaches how to do keyword research, what great plugins will help you, and how he built his website.

Video SEO

Coupled with blogging SEO, video SEO will take your business even further. Jacob explains how to make your YouTube channel a success and how to get more views.

Adwords and Bing

This module goes over PPC (pay per click) paid traffic methods and the key steps to making it work. Jacob also teaches how to set up an ad account and ad campaign.

Facebook Groups

Having your own Facebook group is an important step to finding success because it gives you yet another platform on which to build an audience. The larger your audience, the more commissions you’ll make. What Jacob teaches is how to do it the right way to impact more people and make commissions as you do so.


When you start getting results, you can then share what you know with those wanting the same results. Win win. This module teaches you how to go about setting up coaching and how you can help others get results as well.

There are also other bonus modules in the course that will help take your affiliate marketing business even further, including how to create multiple streams of income and increase your commissions. This course is the all-inclusive blueprint to success.

There are really only two ways to do anything, including affiliate marketing: the hard way or the simpler way. Dream Car Profits is the simpler way. The simpler way is to find someone who has done what you want to do and has achieved the level of success you want and then to model what they have done. Jacob, is definitely one to model and he spells out exactly how you also can have success.

Get Dream Car Profits today!

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