If you’ve ever had a Facebook group, you would know the importance of capturing email addresses as people join the group. But to sit there for hours reviewing each and every one is unrealistic for most Facebook group owners. So how do you do it efficiently?

Through Group Funnels.

What is Group Funnels?

Group Funnels is a lead generation software used through a Google Chrome extension that saves you time and helps you make more money by capturing the email addresses given in the welcome questions when people ask to join your Facebook group. As a result, you can then communicate with and market to your group members through email. In order to use it, you need to install Google Chrome.

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How Does it Work?

When someone gives their email address in the welcome questions of a Facebook group, the admin simply clicks a button to accept that person into the group.

Group Funnels pushes that name and email address to a document and it waits there until you push the information to a Google spreadsheet. Using an app named Zapier, the spreadsheet automatically sends the informations to your autoresponder where you can follow up with and market to your new leads.

With the click of only two buttons, your life becomes so much easier.

How Easy Is It to Install, Set Up, and Use?

Installation, set up and use is very simple. It makes the process easy so you can have it up and going in a matter of minutes. From there, it’s automated with the click of a button.

To set it up, you install the Google Chrome extension, connect it to your Facebook group, create a Google Sheet with the necessary column names, enter your email address and URL for the Google Sheet into your Group Funnels account settings, connect it to your preferred email autoresponder and you’re ready to go.

Setting up Zapier is the one part of the process that is fairly complex if you’re not familiar with it. However, to set up Zapier is a one-time integration process, so there’s no necessary future maintenance on it.

The great news is there are also step by step instructions on every step of how to set up Group Funnels in the private Facebook group.

Is Zapier required in order to use Group Funnels?

Yes. Without using Zapier you cannot move the emails from the Google spreadsheet to your autoresponder. Zapier plays the role of middleman or bridge between the two softwares.

On What Devices Does Group Funnels Work?

Group Funnels is only compatible with PC and Mac computers when approving new members to your Facebook group. This is because it requires the Google Chrome extension, which only works on desktop computers. Because of this, it does not work on tablets or smartphones such as iPhones or Androids.

How Does Group Funnels Solve Your Problem?

Time. Without Group Funnels, approving new members sucks away your time. It saves time by simplifying the process. By the click of your mouse, you can save countless hours screening and approving new members to your Facebook group. One click. Then you can get more leads, build your email list, and get more sales, all while saving you enormous amounts of time.

How Much Does it Cost?

Right now there is only the option to pay for lifetime access, which is a much better option.

Lifetime Access includes:

  • $297 One Time Fee
  • Access to all features
  • Cancel anytime
  • Access to a private Facebook group

My Experience Using Group Funnels

In conclusion, I have only had a great experience with Group Funnels. Without it, I know I’d either lose all the leads or lose all the time trying to copy and paste each lead into my autoresponder. Overall, it has saved me time, energy, frustration and made me money in the process by building my email subscriber list.

I couldn’t imagine being a Facebook group owner without it…

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