Most businesses work on growing their email lists to be able to market to those leads on an ongoing basis through email. But how do you market to those leads in an efficient way?

Using an email marketing software is the easiest and most efficient way to house and market to your email subscribers.

One popular and easy-to-use email marketing software is Actionetics.

What Is Actionetics?

Actionetics is the email marketing software connected with ClickFunnels. When using Actionetics, there are many options to choose from in how to contact your email subscribers that will simplify email marketing.

The most important feature of any email marketing software is the ability to set it on autopilot. Actionetics allows you to do just that.

What Features Does It Have?

Contacts (Subscribers)

One of the most important assets in any business is an email list – in other words, leads. In Actionetics, you can collect leads to market to through email marketing. You can also add or remove contacts from your email lists automatically by setting up certain actions in advance.

Email Lists

You can create as many email lists as you want in Actionetics, having different lists for more than one business or for different aspects of the same business. There are many benefits to having various lists, customizing your marketing to your subscribers.

Smart Lists

Smart Lists are a unique feature in Actionetics. When setting up a smart list, you choose conditions for your contacts. Actionetics will then either add or remove your subscribers to the smart list, depending on the conditions you have set up beforehand. It’s a great way to segment your list to fit the needs of your leads and maximize your potential profits. For example, you could segment your buyer subscribers into a different list than your non buyer subscribers to be able to market to the two lists differently.

Action Funnels

Action Funnels are sequences of emails set up to go out on autopilot to your email subscribers. You can see a list of all the action funnels you have set up and create new ones easily. By clicking on the Action Funnels button, you can choose how many and when each email goes out in a given email sequence. You can set up SMS text messages to go out on autopilot as well.


Another option you have in Actionetics allows you to send out broadcasts to your email subscribers. Broadcasts are emails not connected to an automated email sequence. They are either single emails or email sequences sent out when you have an email marketing campaign that will not continue on after a certain date. You also use them for testing out your email open rates and other data prior to putting them into an automated email sequence. You can write the email or sequence and set it to go out at a later date or time.

Actionetics requires you to use a 3rd party SMTP service, like Sendgrid. However, the risk disappears of having your email marketing account shut down, especially for a riskier niche like make money online or affiliate marketing.

How Much Does It Cost?

Actionetics is part of what you get with the ClickFunnels Etison Suite Plan, which costs $297/month. It is also available if you get the yearly ClickFunnels Etison Suite Plan. Choosing the yearly plan gets you two free months of ClickFunnels and Actionetics.

You can also get the ClickFunnels Etison Suite Plan for a year by purchasing Funnel Hacks, which is $997.

What Is Actionetics MD and How Is It Different from Actionetics?

Actionetics MD (Multi-Dimentional) is also an email software connected with ClickFunnels that has much more to offer than Actionetics. It is under the umbrella of the Etison Suite plan and has everything included in that plan and more.

As Actionetics MD has so much more to offer, it’s like Actionetics on steroids. You can create automated sequences for email, Mobile Messenger, Retargeting Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Follow-up Funnels, and so many more. Also, you don’t have to go through setting up a 3rd party SMTP service because it already has the SMTP integration.

One thing to be aware of is the cost of Actionetics MD increases as the number of your subscribers increases.

Actionetics MD costs $297/mo after the 14 day free trial with 5000 or less email subscribers. The price increases to $347 for 10,000 subscribers, $397 for 15,000 subscribers, $447 for 20,000 subscribers, etc.

Get your ClickFunnels 14 day free trial. Be sure to choose the Etison Suite Plan so you can use Actionetics and see if its features meet your needs. You can always downgrade to the ClickFunnels Startup Plan after the 14 day free trial if you choose.  

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