Hey, I’m Marilee. Here’s a bit about me:

In 2011, I started my online journey. As a first-time entrepreneur, I learned a lot and made plenty of mistakes. It wasn’t easy and I had to overcome obstacles, fear, self-doubt, and my share of failure.

But with a healthy portion of grit, determination, and faith, I stuck with it and became a serious student of marketing and sales.

I went on to help dozens of entrepreneurs through my copywriting and funnel designing, my focus and passions in the marketing world. And in helping others have more success, I experienced my own in the process.

Outside of my business, I love reading, painting, eating good food, and spending time with friends and family.

I look forward to helping you absolutely crush it with your own business!

Free Ebook:

3 Simple Steps to Start an Online Buisness

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