What Others Are Saying About Marilee

"I saw immediate results from your efforts"

“Thank you, Marilee, for helping me build my real estate business through your email campaigns. I saw immediate results from your efforts. Having you oversee things freed me up to focus on other responsibilities. Your creativity, on-time performance, professionalism, and genuine care are greatly appreciated and I look forward to future projects together.” 

~Brian Jensen, Real Estate Professional

"I won't hesitate to contact her again"

“Marilee was extremely helpful when I contacted her for advice on email marketing. After asking some questions about my specific business situation, she sent me a personalized strategy, as well as some very useful tips and recommendations. It’s quite obvious that Marilee’s priority is to help us get results.  She answered all my questions quickly and efficiently. I won’t hesitate to contact her again when I need her services and I recommend her to anyone who needs help in their email marketing!” 

~Sophie Sion Byde, Online Marketer

"I'll be hiring her again!"

“I recently hired Marilee to write two articles for my website, and let me say right off the bat that I’ll be hiring her again! I gave her the topics I wanted to cover and some (very rough) direction, and she ran with it and did a fantastic job. My articles were about affiliate marketing, and you can tell how much she knows about this subject. She covered all the bases and provided just enough detail for experienced marketers who visit my website. Thanks again Marilee and I look forward to working with you again!” 

~Greg Beuerle, Marketing Tool Depot


“I’ve hired Marilee Waters and I think she’s REALLY GOOD!! You should give her a try. You won’t be disappointed!” 

~Jeanie Budge, Online Marketer

"Marilee was extremely fast and responsive"

“Marilee was extremely fast and responsive. She wrote an article with a focus on getting clicks on my CTA, which is perfect for an affiliate article.”  

~Spencer Mecham, Super Affiliate

"Highly recommend anyone needing content pieces to have a chat with her"

“Used Marilee’s ghost writing services for our agency blog. First piece was a test/trial piece. Content was awesomely good, so our agency is hiring her to cover the affiliate marketing section of our blog. Highly recommend anyone needing content pieces to have a chat with her.”  

~Voltaire Pabustan, Online Marketer

"She really learned my style very quickly"

“This review is for Marilee Waters on her email copywriting services for me and my business. I’m Tyler Kelly. I own an online fitness coaching business and the biggest problem I had before working with Marilee is not capitalizing emails at all. We weren’t using emails to keep in touch and follow up with our current clientele. We weren’t using emails to capture our audience or to entreat people into our world after showing interest, so she really opened our eyes up to a whole new universe in terms of using the powerful method of email. And her copy writing methods were really unique and what I loved the most about working with her is she really learned my style very quickly. I’m a very good writer and I use my words wisely and she caught on to the way I speak in my own personal touch, my own method very quickly and she began writing these emails as me very quickly. I was reading them and I was like, I feel like that literally came from me and that was powerful, that helped tremendously and really open up our eyes to realize that we need to be utilizing this, we need to be keeping in touch and following up with people with this method that is definitely not out of date. Sometimes I think in my mind subconsciously email’s out, it’s all about messaging, you know. We’ve got TikTok and all these new things these days, email’s dead. But it’s really not. She really showed us that email is so powerful and we’re going to continue using it moving forward with the help of Marilee and I would definitely recommend her to any others who can utilize the power of email whether you are already using email or not. I think you could probably use it in some way within your business, whether it’s a brick and moral facility, an online business, etc.”

~Tyler Kelly, Fitness Coach

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